There are different criteria for those who are entitled to be automatically enrolled, those who can ask to be enrolled and what contributions they are entitled to.

Workers – the collective description of your workforce;

Eligible Jobholders – those who must be automatically enrolled

Non-Eligible Jobholders– those who need not be automatically enrolled but can opt-in and where they do, an employer contribution must be paid.

Entitled Workers – those who are entitled to be placed into a pension scheme and have deductions taken from their salary via payroll. Note the pension scheme need not be the same one run for the other Workers. Ironically, Entitled Workers are not entitled to an employer contribution.


The table best illustrates how to distinguish between the different worker categories.

The Different Types of Worker

*These figures are expected to change yearly and it is the pro-rated threshold depending on the Pay Reference Period. This is presently £833pcm for monthly paid workers.