At Campbell Thomson, we have made financial advice and planning available to everyone across the UK since 1978—where your financial security is our biggest priority.

With a free first consultation, Campbell Thomson is committed to helping you pave your way to being financially comfortable.

We are determined to secure the best financial deals possible for our clients. We do this through thorough research and comparison on our advanced computer software.

Together, on your first free consultation, we will discuss your financial situation to evaluate whether you are in need of further advice.

If you return for further consultation, we will look over your financial plans and targets, analyse your current financial situation—what’s good & what’s inadequate—and we’ll sensitively discuss what steps you should take towards achieving a good financial balance. The advice we give can be on a short to long-term basis depending on what you would prefer.

We take pride in giving clear, structured, and professional advice to those who do not feel confident making such decisions themselves.